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Upgrade Your Home with Plush Carpeting

When the cold weather arrives and the days become shorter, there is no greater comfort than stepping into a cozy atmosphere with plush carpeting underfoot. Transform any space with new carpet floors from Rheinschmidt's Flooring America. Our showroom in Burlington, IA is available for customers to stop by and begin viewing material samples at any point. From Berber to Saxony, and frieze carpet types, our specialty flooring shop is sure to have something that fits your goals. Our carpets come in many different colors, patterns, and fiber types including cut-loop, loop pile, multi-loop, and level loop.

At Rheinschmid'ts Flooring America, our main goal is customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer the area’s largest flooring inventory thanks to our nationwide 500-store buying power. We guarantee prices for our products are lower than what you’ll find at other big-box flooring stores. Come on down to our showroom and meet with our design team to get started and learn more about why we’re Burlington's premier flooring provider.

Diverse Carpet Types

Whether you prefer the stylish and textured look of frieze or the more casual but firm appearance of Berber, our team can help you select the perfect choice. With cut-loop carpeting, your floor will have a varied look for both formal and informal settings. Constructed with multiple colors, this carpeting type hides soil and foot traffic easily. Alternatively, loop pile carpets are created in either level-loop or multi-loop fashion for a raised look. Explore more specifics of some of the following carpeting types that we carry:

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpeting is extraordinarily plush and is made from a cut-pile construction. Well known for its ability to camouflage dirt and stains, this carpeting type is one of the softest to the touch. Frieze offers a knotted appearance that creates a textured aesthetic to any area while merging colors and patterns.

Loop & Cut Loop Carpet

Loop carpeting has a surface comprised of uncut loop fibers. With an even surface height, a level-loop carpet can be woven or tufted. Additionally, a multi-loop carpet has two or three different pile heights giving a more staggered look. These carpets have a casual look that can easily hide foot imprints. Cut-loop carpeting, on the other hand, is made precisely as it sounds. The fibers of this carpet type are cut straight, giving it a snag-free consistency that is popular among those who have children, dogs, and cats.

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets are made using the same methods as printing paper. Flatbed screen printing, rotary screen printing, Stalwart printing, and sophisticated computer-programmed jet printing are some of the design processes used. Contemporary style guides and 5-star hotels are known to flaunt the beautiful patterns that can be achieved with this carpeting type.

Saxony & Textured Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpets are cut-pile carpets that can add a touch of luxury to any room in your home. Saxony Type patterns are resistant to wear, shading, and traffic marks in your home. Textured Saxony uses the same fiber types, though they’ve been twisted in different directions to offer a coarser appearance.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is typically associated with lighter colors that have been flecked with darker shades. Berber is a go-to floor for high-traffic areas in the home thanks to its natural resilience and ability to hide soil. Berber carpeting is often made with a loop-style cut and is one of the most popular carpeting items on the market today.

Stylish Brand Selections

If you’re looking to install new carpeting in one room, a small area, or even a whole floor of your house, our team of in-store associates and professional installers have you covered. Carpet advantages are endless as a low-maintenance flooring solution with ample design potential. When you browse our online catalog or shop in-store, you’ll find some of the following elite brands available:

  • Core Elements
  • Design Distinctions
  • Gibraltar
  • Hearth & Home
  • Patterns Unlimited
  • Innovia
  • Resista
  • Tigressa
  • Spotlight Values

Keeping Your New Carpet Spotless

There are many benefits to choosing carpet as your flooring solution for a home remodel. Carpeting is the most comfortable surface to walk and lounge on. The thick fibers provide additional insulation for heating during the winter months and a modern but cozy appearance. Slippage is rarely an issue when you invest in carpeting over tile, hardwood, or similar hard surfaces.

When it comes to carpet maintenance, vacuuming your floors twice weekly is the best method for keeping your new floors clean. Our carpets are manufactured by high-quality providers, allowing you some extra time to clean when spills or accidents. Annual professional cleanings are also encouraged to brighten up any stains that may have occurred over time. We urge our customers to clean up liquids as quickly as possible, though our carpeting is made to slow the absorption of water through the fibers. For a waterproof carpet, we recommend browsing samples from Rival by Resista or filter to waterproof options in our online catalog.

Carpeting Installation Services

To get the most from your new carpeting, allow us to handle the installation process. We have experienced technicians with the skills and equipment to efficiently upgrade your floor with accuracy. The surface of your new carpet floors will be perfectly level, and the edges will fit the perimeter of the room seamlessly. We also make sure to securely attach the carpeting to the subfloor, maximizing its longevity. Our promise to quality is backed by an Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, allowing you to contact us within 30 days if you find yourself unhappy with our work. We will gladly replace your floors with a similar model, free of charge.

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